Fields of Law

The law Office provides the comprehensive, “made to measure” legal services for entrepreneurs in the following fields of law:

Construction process

  • drawing the legal opinions related to the administrative requirements in the construction process;
  • determination and organization of the real estate legal status;
  • drafting rental agreements, lease agreements, easement agreements, agreements for the sale of residential and commercial premises;
  • analyzing the zoning documentation with respect to the possibility of the project implementation;
  • representation before the administrative institutions in regard to the land development conditions decision, the public purpose investment decision, the building permit and the permit for use.

Administrative law and administrative proceedings

  • legal service in all areas of administrative law;
  • drawing legal opinions related to the administrative law and administrative proceedings;
  • drafting letters in the administrative proceedings and the court proceedings;
  • drawing appeals, petitions and other documents in the administrative procedure;
  • representation before the public institutions, administrative courts, including the Supreme Administrative Court.

Commercial law

  • drawing and analysis of contracts in business transactions;
  • drafting legal opinions related to the business transactions;
  • rendering the regular legal service as well as legal service in individual cases;
  • disputes resolution;
  • debt recovery;
  • representation in the negotiations, including the ones conducted in English;
  • due diligence in matters related to the business transactions.

Corporate law

  • legal advice connected with the establishing and operation of all types of commercial law companies and partnerships, as well as other business entities on the Polish market;
  • drawing of articles of association and corporate charters, regulations of both supervisory and management boards, as well as all agreements concluded by partners or shareholders in relation to the operation of undertakings;
  • legal aid in the scope of regular corporate services, including drafts of resolutions by corporate bodies, organizing and conducting general meetings and shareholders’ meetings, as well as supervisory and management board meetings;
  • advising on matters related to the sale or encumbrance of interest/shares, increase or decrease of the share capital (including contributions in – kind), amendments to articles of association or corporate charters, redemption of shares;
  • legal services comprising registration proceedings and other proceedings related to the operation of commercial law businesses that are conducted by registration courts or other authorities;
  • due diligence of all types regarding commercial law businesses.

Civil law and civil proceedings

  • legal aid in drawing and analysis of civil contracts;
  • drafting legal opinions in aspects connected with the civil law;
  • representation before the common courts, Supreme Court and law enforcement authorities;
  • drawing court letters and petitions;
  • legal service in the indemnity proceedings and law enforcement proceedings.