Due to a very diverse level of respective cases’ complexity, each assignment is subject to individual price quotation on the basis of information and documents provided by the Client. To meet our Clients’ high expectations, our law firm offers three convenient approaches to remuneration arrangements. All of them can be consolidated so as to ensure a greater financial flexibility.

Hourly rate

The remuneration is calculated on completion of a given case or following the lapse of a given period of time (e.g. of a month) as a product of working hours spent on the project and the previously agreed hourly rate. Each Client always receives a detailed statement of all activities conducted by the law office in their case.

The lump – sum settlement

The lump – sum settlements may be successfully applied to cases, in which it is possible to determine the scope of operations to be performed. Our law firm offers lump-sum settlements in two variants:

  • the lump – sum for a regular legal services – it entails a fixed fee for a specified amount of hours to be used by an entrepreneur on a monthly basis. The amount of lump-sum for regular legal services is worked out in such a manner as to guarantee a lower overall remuneration for legal services as compared to the price of individual service hours purchased separately;
  • the lump – sum payment for conducting a court case – in this variant a fixed fee for conducting a single case is charged and the lump – sum payment includes all operations necessary for the protection of the Client’s best interest in a given case, covering in particular the analysis of evidence and the drawing up documents in course of court proceedings.

Success fee

In case of opting for a success fee remuneration, the Client only makes a small lump-sum payment. The residual remuneration (bonus) is calculated as a percentage of a sought receivable. However, the bonus will only be due if the case assigned to our law office is settled in a manner consistent with the Client’s expectations.